Yoga Sutra Chapter 4 瑜伽经第四章

It is the last chapter of the series of 4 in total. It is the most beautiful chapter derived from 2000 over years. Organized by YSIG Yoga Studies Institute Global – Geshe Michael will be leading the teaching together with his team of professors.

一共4个系列也是最后一章。此经典源自2千多年前也是最美丽的一章。由全球瑜伽经典学院组办– 格西麦可·罗区将与他的教授团队一起带领教学。

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Testimonial | 成功见证



He loaned 50,000 US dollars and hired 3 employees to start Andin International Diamond Company in Manhattan. By applying the Diamond Cutter Wisdom to manage the company, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in New York. Its annual turnover is 250 Million, and it has 10,000 employees in the all over world. The company was acquired in 2009 by Warren Buffett. He is the author of the book “The Diamond Cutter”, which has sold millions of copies in the world bestseller list and has been translated into more than 20 languages. He is a popular international speaker of Diamond Cutter Wisdom. Through the Diamond Cuter Wisdom, he has helped countless people achieve extraordinary success in their lives, business and careers.




Jenny Wang Chuan Hua
Founder | Director
(Senior DCI Teacher)

Jenny Wang is the founder of Global Diamond Cutter Sdn Bhd of Malaysia, as well as the founder of Singapore Diamond Cutter Wisdom Pte Ltd. She is also working with like-minded partners to launch Indonesian Diamond Wisdom Indonesia.

In 2010, She learned the Diamond Cutter Wisdom from Teacher Geshe Michael Roach, and applied the wisdom in her daily life on health, family and career etc. Health has been greatly improved. Career and family relationship are better, harmonious and happier. Jenny has a sincere heart. she actively promotes  Diamond Cutter Wisdom in Asia and Southeast Asia. She hopes that more people can learn and benefit from this wisdom, and hope that more people will have a happier career and life.

(资深 DCI 教师)




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We are very honoured to work with our partners in promoting Diamond Cutter Wisdom within the regions in South East Asia & Asia countries.