Dreams Do Come True… When You Plant The Seeds!

GDC Pauline Tan & Family Travelling

Hi everyone, I am Pauline. I’m from Singapore.

I am a housewife.

And I have been staying in Penang because my husband is from here.

So I used to be a very worry-some person. So I always complained a lot. Things I cannot settle or what, every now and then you will hear me complaining.


So ever since I attended the Diamond Cutter public talk and retreat. I learnt about seed planting.


So I applied to my life. It have changed a lot and improve my life for the better.

I understand from seed planting system is whatever you need, you know have to give others first.

Also, I understand now that everything is coming from me.

So I can control a lot of things in my life.

Last time I feel that a lot of things are not within my control. So I fear a lot.

More than one year ago, I started my Diamond Cutter book study. I have a group of members. We study and share our thoughts and solve problems together.

So some of them have given me their testimonials. After using seed planting, it have improved their life and solve their problems.

So I am very happy because this is something where money cannot buy.

I also plant time seed. Because by the book study, you have commit your time for this book study. So in that sense, I planted a lot of time seeds.

And from there. One month ago, I was in Tioman for one month.

Because my husband was there doing the (Dive) Master course. He was very busy but I am very free.

But we have a lot of nice and sweet moments together.

So I was there relaxing myself, you know eating and just sun-bathing and enjoying the sea breeze.

Everything is just perfect.

GDC Pauline TanWhen you conduct such a book study, you actually plant the wisdom seed as well. Because when you share your Diamond Cutter wisdom with your members, you have planted the wisdom seeds. And from there. You attracted a lot of teachers and mentors coming back to share their knowledge with you.

I also planted the dream come true seeds on my own sister.

She staying in Singapore. Because of her financial problem, she loves to travel but she don’t have time and chance to travel.

So there is one stage when I was staying in KL for three years. She have been to Penang but she have not been to KL. So before I come back, I kept telling her, “you must visit me”.

She said she doesn’t have Singapore passport.

I said don’t worry, I will pay and make a passport for you. But eventually she didn’t come because I think she is busy with the children.

I used the 4 Starbucks steps with my intention to fulfill her dream to travel. The end result is she didn’t come is not the issue. The main intention is you plant the seed, my intention is to fulfill her dream.

So every night I will do my coffee meditation. Eventually, true enough. I have not been to US so I always long to go. Suddenly my husband tell me, “you want to go to US a not, because I have a convention there”.

I was so excited so I know this is I purposely planted the dream come true seeds.

So now my dream to go to US have been fulfilled. In this coming July, I am going to Sweden and Denmark with my son.

GDC Pauline Tan & Family Whitewater Rafting GDC Pauline Tan & Family USS GDC Pauline Tan & Family GDC Pauline Tan & Family Travel

So it is really perfect.

So don’t believe me everyone, you try the seed planting system for yourself then you will understand.

It is very easy and really gives you what you want in life.


I will encourage everybody to go for the Diamond Cutter Retreat.


Because from there, you will have the better and right understanding of seed planting system, how it works.

Also, when you are there you will meet many experienced Diamond Cutter teachers. You can ask them any personal questions you want face to face.

And I will encourage one day for you to lead your own book study. Because it can help many people.

Thank you for listening.

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