Upgrade the Love in Your Relationship from 73 to 95%? She did it!

GDC Man Ching Ipoh

Hello everyone, I am Man Ching from Malaysia. I work as a primary school teacher.

Today, I want to share with you how to upgrade the love in your relationships from 73 to 95%. I have a boyfriend in Canada. I think he is very handsome, responsible, confident, and kind. I like him very much. But he was not like that before.

Before I thought he was not motivated and got angry too easily. These were the characteristics that irritated me. Because of this, we quarrel often and by August of last year we had broken up.

After the break up, I felt very sad. I did not know if I wanted to restore my relationship or just escape it.So I asked my teacher, what should I do?

In the Diamond Cutter System, the teacher said, you do not need to decide, you should plant seed. As a result of this, I found myself had a lot of fear. This was stemming from my family background. I ended up with security issues and lacking a sense of self-worth.

Once I realized what problems I had, I began to follow the Diamond Cutter System. In order to get what you want, you have to give to others.

I felt insecure, I lacked a sense of self-worth, and I had a lot of fear, so I chose to go to an orphanage to help the orphans to develop their self-confidence. While there I volunteered as an art teacher. I taught them painting.

While I taught them, they were not confident, they often asked me what color they should use. I told them to use any colour they like, their painting would be beautiful, because they created it. They then felt very happy while painting.The paintings were all very beautiful.

GDC Man Ching IpohEvery night, I would do coffee meditation, I would think of ways that how I help these children. I give them courage, attention and help develop their belief in themselves. I wanted to improve their self-worth, so that they would grow up to be more confident adults.

Incredible, my boyfriend and I got back together in November!

Now, because of Diamond Cutter wisdom, we are very sweet to each other.

Because of Diamond Cutter wisdom, I learned that everything was coming from me.

So I used Diamond Cutter wisdom to improve my boyfriend, the love increased from 73% to 95%.

Please do not take my word for it, try it for yourself.Of course you do have to attend the Diamond Cutter retreat, to learn more about the system. I hope everyone can use these lessons to make their lives happier.

I want to thank Geshe Michael Roach, for bring the Diamond Cutter System to Malaysia and Singapore and giving me the opportunity to learn such a great system. I would like to thank all of the teachers as well. I really appreciate it. I wish everyone happiness. Thank you.

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