Learn how Raymond turned around from being in more than 1 million debt to a great influx of income!

Raymond GDC

Hello everybody, a very good afternoon, I’m Raymond.

Very pleased to have the opportunity to share some of my personal experiences with you. I am managing the business of a motorcycle shop, which used to be very profitable.

Thereafter, in year 2014, I was also involved in tens of millions in businesses.


However, in 2015 I fell to the bottom of my life.


Raymond GDCBecause of partnership problems, I lost more than 1 million. That was a very painful experience. Why? Because many creditors came knocking on my door.

I was clueless. I do not know how to face so many creditors. Nearly almost every day I could not sleep.

By chance, I encountered this Diamond Cutter System and I used a number of methods. I was very lucky to have the teachers who shared with me some of the methods used by them.

It made me see light when I was down and lost. During this period, I used the Seed Planting method taught by Geshe Michael by constantly thinking on how I can help more people.

Because Geshe Michael said “What you want today, you have to give to others first.” During this tough period, I was able to turnaround from being in debt with more than 1 million to getting a great influx of income.

Especially at this stage in life where I did not expect a major change. This includes my experience in Shanghai, China where there are a lot of angels who believed in me.


They placed 1 million yuan into my business and once again, I was able to stand up.


So, if I can do it, you can do it too! I hope that all of you will not miss August 11, where Geshe Michael will be coming to Malaysia for a public talk. He will definitely be a turning point in your life.

Subsequently on 12, 13 and 14 Aug, Geshe Michael will be leading DCI Level 7 retreat. This might be the greatest transformation in your life.


You must not miss this great opportunity! If I can walk out from the darkness into light, you can too!

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