🚺 Ping Ping
🌎 Malaysia
⚛️ Family Doctor 
Met right assistant and noble man at home and at work
Hi everyone, I am Ping Ping. I am a family doctor running my own clinic. Before I learnt Diamond Cutter Wisdom, I always need to work very hard and put in alot of effort in dealing with all the big and small matters at home and at my clinic ( my career) , because of the lack of a reliable right-hand man. Therefore, I feel life is very tiring and hard.
In September 2021, I stumbled across Geshe Michael’s Pen story in YouTube. I became interested with the wisdom of emptiness and started to attend The Diamond Cutter book club.
At that moment, I was facing a lot of lows in my life : my father passed away in April 2021, family relationship became tense and not harmony. At work, my senior staff left my clinic for another organization. I have always felt overwhelmed with running a business and handling household chores. I have tried many different methods, for example: tried to communicate with my family members with the hope that they can help to share the housework, handle chores and lighten the burden of my life. But, nothing works.
At work, I kept recruiting staff, spending time on training, but at the end, the staff never last.
With the encouragement of many senior reading club assistants, I started to sign up for Teacher Geshe’s city intensive course “Advanced Level 1 Problem-Solving Masterpieces” in January 2022, and then I took the “Four Steps  Wealth Mastery Class” in February. Then, beyond my expectations, I planted additional income, as well as the support of noblemen and surprise money, so I took the “L3 Mastering Your Mind City Intensive” in March, and then the “L123 Workshop” in April recently. . For a busy clinic doctor and owner, it is definitely a challenge to be able to operate a clinic to make money and do business at the same time and have enough time and money to study.
Maybe you will start to wonder, isn’t a doctor very busy? In just 4 months, how can I continue to study and take care of my career and family? The answer is that we can plant anything we want, whether it’s money, time, people, or a right-hand man. I used the tools I learned in class – four steps. When I helped my mother and my family with housework, I knew very clearly that I was becoming a right-hand man for my mother and her family. I have the heart to do housework, and take the initiative to take the time to deal with various household chores, water and electricity bills, land fees, house tax, and assist my family members with their bank accounts and road tax during my holidays. Because I used a 100% effective new methods, if I want to have a right-hand man who actively pays attention to my needs, then I must first become a right-hand man who is active and considerate of others.
In my career, I am very mindful to help my competitors to look for part time doctors or staff. I am doing referrals actively.  I also shared their hiring requirements in different career platforms. I provided advice and assistance to my friends over their understaffed issue.    
Miracle happened even though my experienced staff decided to join another company. Surprisingly, I managed to employ a new employee who is equipped with good qualities (i.e. responsible, aggressive & active) to my clinic.  When my full time staff was diagnosed with covid positive, my part time staff contacted me to see if I would need any assistance or not. When I attended the DCW workshop, I received a referral from other doctors. They introduced their friend to work in my clinic. Meanwhile, my full time nurses work hand in hand with them. With such good cooperation, I have the peace of mind to attend the DCW workshop. 
What so cool is, my brother transform from someone who do not like to do housework to a caring men.  He will offered to do the dishes, throw rubbish, he will cared for my meal while I’m attending  workshop. He will also offered to chauffer us when we going out.  He noticed my changes since i started meditate that I’m calmer and will pay attention to others, with this influence he started to join the Friday Entrepreneur book study and also register for the coming 4 steps wealth mastery workshop.  Look forward to see him enter into Diamond Cutter System and change his life