Founded in the United States, Arizona by Geshe Michael Roach in 2000, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center (DMRC) aims to create the conditions for an extensive change in our global community – a cultural shift that makes retreat possible.

Big on eco-friendliness, DMRC provides an alternatively-powered rural environment in the desert where people seeking for a timeout from their busy lifestyles can come for retreats.

A Big Dream: A World Class Retreat Center

Geshe Michael Roach has big plans for Diamond Mountain Retreat Center.

He hopes that it becomes a refuge for people from all over the world, where they can have silent retreats, away from the distractions of everyday life.

The master plan includes DMRC having world-class retreat and relaxation facilities:

  • 150 conveniently located guest suites
  • spa, swimming pool, sauna, and steam room
  • interconnecting courtyards, and covered walkways
  • parks and gardens

Unplugging from the routines of their busy lifestyles, retreaters can restore and refresh their minds and souls, before going home happy and recharged, all ready to reconnect with their friends and family.

DMRC Starry Sky

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Support from Global Retreaters Around the World

After retreats at DMRC, our global retreaters found themselves gaining more clarity and creativity as they reconnected with their inner selves.

They saw the importance and need to help modern people get away from their daily addictions – gadgets, mobile phones, constant busy schedules etc.

With a deeper sense of gratitude and purpose, retreaters are now empowered to do their parts to help the world become a happier and more peaceful place to live.

Hence, DMRC is proud to have partners around the world supporting us in our cause to create the conditions for an extensive change in our global community.

But in order for Geshe Michael Roach & DMRC to continue the above and achieve their goals as a world-class retreat center for these global retreaters, they have expanded their sponsorship outreach all over the world, including Malaysia.


Where do the funds go?

As a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center operates as a “mostly self-supporting” retreat center, relying on donations in order to make their programs available to all.

All donations from our Malaysia sponsors will go towards up-keeping Cottage 7: Diamondback and supporting new infrastructure and facility management projects.

The average monthly cost for maintaining Cottage 7: Diamondback is approximately USD$3000, an estimate of SGD$4200-4500 a month, depending on exchange rate fluctuations and wire transfer fees.

Every sponsor’s support is critical to the center’s success, hence monthly and one-time sponsorship plans are designed to suit the needs of different sponsors.

DMRC Je Tsongkapa Center

Sponsorship Plans

You can sign up for a monthly sponsorship plan or make a one-time donation!

We’re grateful for your generosity and kind intentions regardless of the amount you choose to sponsor!

  • S$50 per month
  • S$100 per month
  • S$150 per month
  • One-time donation


What Seeds Am I Planting If I Sponsor This Project?

Great question!

You will be planting the following amazing seeds:

  • Good Meditation
  • A Home
  • Good Living Environment
  • Wealth & Money
  • Wisdom
  • Peace


Want to start planting super good seeds by supporting DMRC?

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