3X City Intensive – Online Coupons – Special Bundle Deal


** Important note 重要说明**

  • If the purchase option is a ( 1X programme ) you are required to fill in the other two participant’s full names.
  • Open  all countries
  • 如果您的购买选项是 (单一课程) 您必须填写其他两个参与者的姓名。
  • 对所有国家开放

ONLY for the purchase of (1X Programme ) required to fill in 2nd Person's Full Name 仅用于购买(单一课程)必须填写第2,3,4人的全名.

*Enrolment for any City Intensive or Workshops is entitled to use a coupon of no more than RM600

*Only one coupon can be used for each course

*报名任何城市密集或工作坊只能使用不超过RM600 的优惠券