Public Talk 2016 - Touching the Diamond World

Diamond Cutter Public Talk

Every year, Geshe Michael Roach takes time off his packed schedule to give a Public Talk in Malaysia to share with everyone The Diamond Cutter system that has been used by people from all over the world to gain success in all areas of their lives.

The annual public talk is a preview to what the upcoming annual retreat is going to be about. It’s a highly anticipated and exclusive event as Geshe Michael Roach visits Malaysia only once a year for each level, and he does not repeat teaching the same level in the same place.

Malaysia is very fortunate and honored to have Geshe Michael Roach gracing the annual public talk and leading the annual retreat personally as some countries do not even have the seeds to have him teaching us personally.

Geshe Michael Roach travels internationally to more than 20 countries to teach and share the invaluable wisdom and principles he has learned, tested and proven that offer both practical tools and innovative methods of economic success, as well as personal and professional well-being.



Let’s face it: life is one long string of jobs. We need a way to get them done right; we need a surefire recipe for success. Financial success, sure—that’s what we’re talking about. But at the same time we want to be a success as a person: a good person, a truly happy person, a person who’s mentally and physically healthy. And if we’re doing things right, we also help all the people around us—the world—at the same time.

From the introduction of Karmic Management, Geshe Michael Roach



Diamond Cutter Public Talk

Some of the executives and divisions of corporations and organisations around the world using the Diamond Cutter principles:

  • Xerox Corporation
  • Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong
  • Kaplan Thaler Advertising
  • The Young Presidents Organization (Singapore & Manila)
  • DuPont Corporation
  • Herbal Life Corporation (Taipei & Hong Kong)
  • ABC Television
  • The Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Nautica Jeans Co
  • Canadian Bank of Imperial Commerce
  • Bumble & Bumble Division of Estee Lauder
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Anica Beauty Chain
  • Audible Books Division of Amazon Books



Geshe Michael giving talk

  • He helped start Andin International Diamond Company in Manhattan from a US$50,000 loan & 3 employees. Using the Diamond Cutter principles, the firm became one of the fastest growing companies in New York. It reached $250 million in annual sales with 10,000 employees worldwide, and was then sold to finance wizard Warren Buffett in 2009.
  • He is the author of The Diamond Cutter, one of the best-selling business books n history, with over million of copies sold and translated into over 20 languages.
  • He is a highly sought-after international speaker and mentor of The Diamond Cutter system; with principles of success that has helped many achieve extraordinary levels of success in all areas of their lives and businesses.

More about Geshe Michael Roach

He grew up in the United States and graduated with Honours from Princeton University. He also received the Presidential Scholar Medal at the White House, from the President of the United States. He is the first American in 600 years to be awarded the Tibetan title of Geshe, or Masters Degree.

Geshe Michael detailed his astounding accomplishment of Andin International Diamond Company using the Diamond Cutter principles into the international bestseller The Diamond Cutter, which is now used by millions of people globally to achieve personal, relationship and business success.

As an international inspirational speaker, he is also a teacher to more than 10,000 successful individuals and companies, on various topics ranging from business, relationships, marriage problems, health to many others. He teaches the secrets of the Diamond Cutter to awaken the wisdom in every person’s mind, so that any individual, executive or company can achieve extraordinary levels of success in every aspect of their business and life.


So what’s the Diamond Cutter principles?

In a nutshell, the Diamond Cutter principles demonstrate how everyone can achieve success in every aspect of our lives by giving what we want to others first.

“Give what you want.”

– Geshe Michael Roach

The way we can design the life we want is by using the Diamond Cutter system founded by Geshe Michael Roach, who distilled and simplified 2500 years of ancient wisdom into a set of simple, fun and proven principles.

Attend the Public Talk this year to find out personally from Geshe Michael Roach himself what the Diamond Cutter system is about and how you can achieve extraordinary success in all areas of your life by applying these proven principles.