GDC Coupon via Grab PayLater







    Important note:

    • Grab PayLater  (4 instalments plan) Max credit limit up to RM4000.
    • The credit limit eligibility for Individuals is “DIFFERENT” subject to Grab’s terms and conditions.
    • GDC has no visibility over an individual’s credit limit eligibility.
    • You will only be able to view your credit limit upon checking out.
    • For more info contact 👩‍⚕️ Apple Liang at +60 13-931 6499
    • For more info contact 👩‍🎨 Mei Oon at +60 12-727 8762


    • Download and install Grab App
    • *MUST top-up a minimum of 25% of the “coupon” total value in your Grab wallet (To be used for 1st instalment during checkout)
    • Example:  Purchase coupon value is RM3600 X 25% = RM900 
    • Please select Grab PayLater during checkout
    • Upon purchase, a coupon will be sent to your billing email
    • This coupon is redeemable for all products at GDC website only
    • This coupon is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
    • This coupon is transferable
    • This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash

    Grab PayLater(4 期分期付款计划)最高信贷限度高达 RM4000
    根据 Grab 的条款和条件,个人的信贷限度资格是“不同的”
    GDC 无法提供个人的信贷限度资格

    • 下载并安装 Grab App
    • *必须至少充值 Grab 钱包中“优惠券”总价值的 25%(用于结账时的第一期付款)
    • 示例:购买优惠券价值为 RM3600 X 25% = RM900
    • 结账时请选择Grab PayLater
    • 购买后,优惠券将发送到您的帐单电子邮件
    • 此优惠券仅可兑换 GDC 网站上的所有产品
    • 此优惠券自购买之日起1年内有效
    • 此优惠券可转让
    • 此优惠券不可兑换现金


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